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Middlesboro (A)
Sat 9 April 3pm

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1 Chelski 31 80 50
3 Arsenal 31 67 39
3 Manure 31 67 31
4 Everton 31 51 2
5 Liverpool 31 50 13
6 Bolton 31 46 3
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 Henry 40
 Ljungberg 33+2
 Pires 29+10
 Reyes 31+6
 Vieira 35
 Van Persie 13+20 6
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latest news

Are we going to be hungry like the Wolves for the
cup game?

Saint Wenger has promised to field a near full strength team for the FA Cup clash against Championship side Wolves. In what is possibly one of only two chances to win any silverware this year, thanks to the lottery winning chavs south of the river trying to buy titles and silverware thanks to their dodgy Russian sugar daddy - Saint Wenger is keen to make the FA Cup a domestic priority.

The defence will be without Kolo 'thou shalt not pass' Toure, who is serving a three match ban (and will miss games against Manure and Aston Vanilla), it is likely that 'Le Oak' Pascal Cygan will again put the fear of god into us any time a Wolves player has the ball ANYWHERE on the pitch. The midfield and forwards will be the usual suspects and should be more than a handful for the Wolves defence.

Now it goes without saying that the tasty bit about this game is that Wolves are now bossed by the wheelchair and general anyone disabled hating ex-scum manager Glenda Hoddle. The boys should learn a lesson from the Stoke game a believe that Wolves will give them a game - you can bet Glenda will be up for this one, for sure.


Edu's off - just a question of when

One or two days he'll be signing for Che (that's Valencia to me and you) that's according to his agent - oh who happens to double as his brother. The Arsenal and Valencia however can't agree a fee on the dodgy passport waving injury prone midfield player.


Kolo agrees he might of been 'a bit' violent

Kolo Toure, who obviously wasn't liking his 'Mr nice guy' image has accepted his three match ban from the Manure sponsored F.A. after giving Big Al 'Elbows' Shearer a little tickle in the game at the weekend. Strange that, as he will now miss the 'must win' game against those dirty cheating, lump kicking, diving northern monkey gimps.


Another day, another injury

Philppe Senderos, who was labeled the 'new Tony Adams' when we first tapped him up will be out for another three weeks due to an injury. We have yet to get the full taste of this young man's game, the only similarity he has with Big Tone is that he is injured more than he plays - but at least Big Tone was doing that AT THE END of his Gooner career.


60 second round-up

Martin 'I'll rip your head off and sh!t down your neck' Keown has gone to ply his trade at Reading at the 'unpronounced Stadium' after being released by Leicester City... 'Apparently' The Arsenal are lining up a bid for the young gun slinger Shaun Wright-Phillips, it's only a matter of time surely before the young man takes up where his daddy left off to become an Arsenal legend, isn't it?...Jermaine Pennant is still waiting to see where his next football destination will be after blowing his Highbury career big time - will it be Birmingham City or HMP Bedford?....that's about it - it's been a quiet few days especially now The FA have banned Saint Wenger and Ol' 65% Proof Nose from sparring in public.



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