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Norwich (H)
Sat 2nd April 3pm

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1 Chelski 30 77 48
2 Manure 30 66 31
3 Arsenal 30 64 36
4 Everton 30 51 3
5 Liverpool 30 47 12
6 Bolton 30 46 4
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 Henry 38
 Pires 26+9
 Ljungberg 28+2
 Reyes 26+6
 Bergkamp 22+5
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The ALL NEW Goonerbabe(s) Section

Due to a lot of girls taking a liking to the 'beautiful game' and who wouldn't be with lookers like Jens 'pornstar extra' Lehmann and Pascal 'you got the look' Cygan amongst our numbers, we thought it be fairplay to include the boys in the babe section and damn some of you lot are worst than girls!

So if you're a fan of The Arsenal or know some nutty gooners, get sending. If you're putting yourself forward let us know your name, age, where you're from, your favourite player, your favourite all-time Arsenal player and your favourite drink (?) and anything else you want to spill. Not exactly Mastermind is it chaps and chapesses? And if you're not sure - just make it up! Attach your pics and make 'em jpegs, it's so easy. This is the fans section - get cracking - would be rude not too.


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