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who: Real Madrid
when: 21/02/06  19.45
where: Santiago Bernabéu
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1 Chelski 26 66 36
2 Man USA 26 54 25
3 Liverpool 26 51 15
4 The Scum 26 45 13
5 Arsenal 26 41 18
6 Bolton 24 39 7
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Henry 25+1 19
van Persie 17+10 11
Pires 23+8 8
Reyes 26+3 4
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back on the air

Allgoonerdup is back after a weeks long hiatus, well more to the point, there were problems with the system and it was more iffy than the 'performance' at the Riverside. However after said problems a lot of emails to the site have been lost, so if you have sent a picture for Goonerbabe in the last two weeks or entered the comp to win that lovely Wunderland Arsenal t-shirt (see below)- please send again, you know it makes sense... er cos you can't win the t-shirt or see your mug on the gorgeous Goonerbabe wall of fame.


Nutty Nigel has a few words

Nigel Winterburn one of the cult hero's of the Highbury terraces and scorer of outrageous goals, notably against The Bank of Chelsea, has comes out and grabbed the mic to voice his concern regarding The Arsenal. The chimp monk looking double winning defender has stated since Patrick Vieira's departure The Arsenal lack leadership.

The left back with the sweet left foot, well to be truthful his ONLY foot said courtesy of this gleaned report thanks to SkySports "They were looking for some leadership and didn't have someone to stand up to the plate - like Vieira. Said Winterburn looking in the direction of Gilberto and Bobby Pires. "Maybe one or two players are still dwelling on the sale of Patrick rather than looking and saying 'it is up to us to do something'." Again giving the steely eye to Gilberto and Bobby Pires.

Nigel who is now a football pundit even gives his verdict on just who should take the armband and give the team some leadership. "My ideal choice would have been Ashley but after he fell out with the club they couldn't make him captain. Campbell could be the person they need to return and bring some leadership to the team."


Cole to put Swiss on a roll

Ashley "The best left back in the world™" Cole(oh look we've kind of forgiven him, he has his tag back) has come out and said The Arsenal will bounce back after their 'blip' against northern monkeys Middlesbrough. The pop star loving defender said "Wednesday looks a like a good game on paper, but it's not about the names on paper, it's about how you play on the day, they will have nothing to lose and they will come out and try to win. It's going to be tough for us, but we've got to forget about Saturday's result and start playing our best football because we didn't play against Middlesbrough."

The game against The Toon of Switzerland will see the return in goal of 'nearly man' Manuel Ammonia (great!) and could also possibly see the return of Sol 'The Rock' Campbell in defence, which is nice.

Learn more about our Swiss opponents and get the full S.P courtesy of the BBC.


Saint Wenger on a mission

After two losses from the first four games of the season Arsene Wenger has come out fighting and told the official web site that The Arsenal will not concede the title nor is it a transitional period. In what is the final season at Highbury the French boss is quoted "I don't see it like that and I fight very hard to convince the squad that it is not a transitional year, I don't see why they should think that. Because we lost Vieira? We have lost big players before, we lost massive players before and came back and fought back very hard. We have the quality."


Walking in an Arsenal Wunderland

It's win a t-shirt time again. After the last competition we thought it would be rude not to give you boys and girls the chance to win this gem.
allgoonerdup: arsenal football news, very tongue in cheek - t-shirt competition
Harderthansatan the uber cool t-shirt boys have produced this new t-shirt in homage to Highbury. All you need to do is answer this simple question. The new stadium is of course named The Emirates Stadium, but if it was up to you - what would you call it? Remember the funnier the better.

Email us the usual address, you'll find it in 'contact us' or click this link: allgoonerdup: arsenal website - win a t-shirt contest rollover button


Competition ends 7 October.

You can check more harderthansatan clobber out, which includes more limited edition Arsenal players tees at:


Ashley Cole - in midfield revelation!

Hotel visiting and Court going defender Ashley Cole has publicly stated something everything Gooner knows - 'We miss Paddy'. The young left back said after the loss at the weekend "We've lost key players, but we've only really bought Alexand er Hleb in, we've lost Patrick Vieira, who was our main inspiration in midfield.

"There's nothing we can do about it and we've just got to do what we can with the squad we've got." Ashley - you're not wrong.


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round-up in 60 seconds or less...

Public enema , Fat Frank Lampard The Bank of Chelsea's kingpin has learnt a trick or two from fellow Sarf London outfit Millwall 'nobody likes us' FC. The midfield pie eating genius has admitted The Chequebook Champions are 'Public Enemy number 1' in football. No one is calling you slow frank - but you took a while to catch on. However for all the reasons people can don't like The Bank of Chelsea - Manchester USA will always be the most hated club... that's it for now, au reviour mon amis... Keep it locked, more news at 11...

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