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who: Sparta Prague
when: 02/11/05  19.45


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1 Chelski 11 31 22
2 Wigan 10 22 6
3 The Scum 11 20 6
4 Man Citeh 11 20 5
5 Bolton 11 20 2
8 Arsenal 10 17 6
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Henry 5+1 5
van Persie 5+6 4
Pires 11+1 3
Campbell 7+2 2
Cygan 4+3 2
Reyes 5+1 1
Bergkamp 7+3 1
Gilberto 11+1 1
Ljungberg 10 1
Senderos 4 1
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On today's show

A game of two halves

The Arsenal continued they're dominance of the North London derby against The Scum in what was a spanking contest. Tottenham were cheeky and smug enough to believe they would get something out of this one and even had the audacity to take the lead through Ledley 'You'll never be as good as Sol' King. This game was the nearest Spurs have gotten anywhere close to beating The Arsenal in what is an embarrassing six year wait. They tried everything including getting the mighty midget Jermaine Defoe to stamp all over mentalist keeper Jens Lehman earning himself a yellow card into the bargain and even getting their a few gypsy fans to pelt our German keeper. It hasn't been confirmed what ballistics were thrown from the crowd however a story reporting it was £1 coins is well wide of the mark.

In what truly was a game of two halves, with Spurs narrowly edging the first half. The Arsenal who must of had something stuck in their half time cup of teas came out storming and showed Spurs the way. Super sub Bobby Pires, who does love scoring against The Scum continued his one man crusade and struck in the 77th minute with a sweet goal to quieten down the Shite Hard Lane massive. The Arsenal should of won the game near the death as Lord Persie had an effort saved by ferret fancying, pie eating Yorkshireman Paul Robinson. So honours even in the 150th clash between North London's between finest oh and Spurs.

Sol's Solid Crew

Sol 'The Rock' Campbell was involved in a couple of tasty incidents, one resulting in one of the Spurs players to get all tarted up and wear a head band. The stand in Arsenal captain held the defence firm in what was some decent play by Tottenham and some even better play acting especially by Mido. The crowd who seemed to be the stand-by crowd for pantomime season booed and hissed his every move, however The Rock didn't let that effect his all action style, as mentioned before clipping two scum players which were fair challenges. A few of the Spurs supporters got slightly carried away with the occasion and had a pop at the big fella after the final whistle, one gypo was arrested and according to Spurs officials will face a years ban from watching football or more to the point will be forced to watch Spurs reserves and first team, or is that the same thing?

Jol-ly Fat man not happy

allgoonerdup: arsenal fans web site - latest news and stuff - this is a picture of tottenham manager fat boy martin jol-ly fat manMore on the Spurs game. Martin Jol-ly van Fatman is said to be furious with Sol Campbell's challenges on two of his fairy players. In between eating meat pies the fat Dutch coach spluttered "I'd like to teach my players how to do that. He (Campbell) goes up for the ball with his arm up but it is a professional game. You saw the same thing with Newcastle at Grimsby in the week but all we can do is let the referee make the decision."


Get the gimp

The Bank of Chelsea coach José 'Money' Mourinho seems to be on what Adrian Mutu was on before he done the off. In what is the strangest comments since French country boy and all round philosopher or is the b*ll sh*tter Eric Cantona went on about sardines and trawlers, José Money has called Arsène Wenger a 'voyeur'. In a secret London location the Portugeezer slipped into his favourite gimp suit and said in this exclusively gleaned report "I think he is one of these people who is a voyeur. He likes to watch other people. There are some guys who, when they are at home, they have a big telescope to see what happens in other families. He speaks and speaks and speaks about Chelsea. It bothers me because the guy is speaking all the time. We never speak about them." The Money man continued with his insane ramblings but we wont publish it here as it's more incoherent than Sir Alex 'Ol 65% Proof Nose' Ferguson after a few bottles of Buckfast.

Goonerbabe wall

Come on you good people, we seem to be lacking in new pictures for the Goonerbabe wall, so send in those pictures. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work it out but we could do with some new new Gooners to look at - come on now no need to be shy. The Email address can be found in 'contact us' or click the banner below - you know it makes sense.

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round-up in 60 seconds or less...

Not Forlan: Ex Manchester USA Red Sox player Diego Forlan, him who took nigh on 30 matches to open his goal account and that was a penalty is claiming The Arsenal are after him. The Uruguayan who somehow is knocking them in for fun in Spain in this exclusively gleaned report from the News of the World said "I have heard there is interest in me and that Arsenal have been to watch me. I don't know what has been said but there has been some contact and we will have to wait and see what happens."... Cup news: The Arsenal have drawn Championship side Reading in the next round of the Mickey Mouse Cup, which is nice... Bentley mouthing off again: Former young gun David Bentley has once again taken time out again to speak of the high regard and esteem he holds Arsenal Football Club, not. The youngster who is plying his trade at northern monkeys Blackburn Rovers who didn't quite get a look in on the first team is banging on again about his lack of chances and has said in this gleaned report "I don't consider myself an Arsenal player anymore even though I am still contracted to them."... that's it for now... au reviour mon amis... Keep it locked.

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