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who: Real Madrid
when: 21/02/06  19.45
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1 Chelski 26 66 36
2 Man USA 26 54 25
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4 The Scum 26 45 13
5 Arsenal 26 41 18
6 Bolton 24 39 7
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Henry 25+1 19
van Persie 17+10 11
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On today's show

Wenger in Henry voting shocker

Fresh after scoring a two goal salvo in the 3-1 against northern monkeys Sunderland on Saturday The Arsenal captain and all round Mr Nice Guy Thierry Henry has got the vote ofArsène Wengerto win the Fifa Player of the Year Award. Not exactly shocking or exclusive news we grant you.

King of the va va voom tormented and teased Sunderland at every opportunity and even managed to place an audacious overhead kick into his bag of tricks. The shot actually hit the woodwork but no doubt had the shot gone in, the video tap would be well worn by the likes of Sky TV and Match of the Day.

After the match, in this exclusively gleaned report the wily Frenchman had this to say about The Arsenal's number one goal scorer:"Thierry would have my vote and I think he deserves it if you take all the strikers in the world and their assists and goal scoring record.

"His goal against the Republic of Ireland made the difference for France to qualify for the World Cup and I feel that with his overall contribution to football in the past five or six years, he deserves it as much as Shevchenko or Ronaldinho."


More on 'that' spat

The Bank of Chelsea manager and slick Portugeezer José Money has turned up the heat on his ongoing slanging match with Saint Wenger. The olive munching megalomaniac, whose side lost 1-0 over the weekend for the first time in nigh on 40 months in the Premiership has put his balls on the line and has continued the feud in his column in a Portuguese newspaper. Much like a lotto winner the slick 'Special Case' wrote: "Arsene has shown difficulty understanding his life has changed."

He continued to scribe "He is trying to deflect the truth about the rise of Chelsea. Wenger is a great coach and an intelligent person but he is having difficulty continuing the success which made him, with all merit, a top manager. I admit it can't be easy, but then he gets to have a go at us. I'm the one who is famous for being a disturber but I stick to doing my work. Which becomes a lot easier when you have as much money as Bill Gates to throw at football stars who would rather pick up £75,000 a week and sit on the bench than play in the first team for a half of that amount, muhahahahaha"* After that the story does get a bit pedestrian and the least said about the end the better really.

*Some of this story might of been sexed up a bit, which is nice.

Now King Henry Hails Lord Persie

Fresh from the Highbury love-in last week, hailing everybody at the club 'fantastic' in particular Thierry Henry,  Sol Campbell and Dennis Bergkamp, Dutch star Robin van 'Lord' Persie has had the comments returned, with interest by none other than The Arsenal captain and all round Mr Nice Guy Thierry Henry. Captain Titi "I don't know if there will ever be another Dennis Bergkamp. Dennis is Dennis. I won't even go there.

"Robin can go his own way. He likes more to dribble and do stuff more by himself, while Dennis will kill a defence with his passing.

"Without going too far, Robin has everything that a player would dream of having. He can play anywhere he wants. It's just up to him. I am not joking about that. It's down to him and his desire."

Goonerbabe wall

Do you know some nutty gooners or want to put yourself forward? Well get sending. Let us know your name, age, where you're from, your favourite player, your favourite all-time Arsenal player and your favourite drink and anything else you want to spill. Not exactly Mastermind is it chaps and chapesses? Email us and attach your pics and make them jpegs, it's that easy. This is the fans section, get cracking - it would be rude not too.

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round-up in 60 seconds or less...

Tone talks it up: Mr Arsenal and all round leg-end Tony Adams believes The Arsenal sold Patrick Vieira too soon. The former Gunners star defender, who now books in drinking, gambling and drug taking footballers and other sports people at his (over subscribed) Sporting Chance Hotel told a famous red tab 'news'paper "Selling Patrick may have been a year too early. Maybe he could have brought the younger guys on. It could have been an error. Arsenal have an inexperienced squad. A very young team. Chelsea have got some good ready-made players. It could be a transitional year for Arsenal."....Paddy book: Patrick Vieira, you may remember him from such trophies as three Premiership ones has revealed in his new book that he would never play for Manchester USA Red Sox. The Juventus player midfield enforcer who was linked to the The Bank of Chelsea slaying Red Devils reveals: "I never saw myself playing for them. I was well established with The Gunners, so it would have been the ultimate betrayal." Which is nice. He also slag's of diving horse face striker Ruud van Cheatingcoont... The Dutch are coming: We can reveal from a well known source, ok we had a look at the SkySports site, that Saint Wenger was over in Holland having a butchers at the likes of star forwards Dirk Kuyt and Romeo Castelen,  Egyptian midfielder Hossam Ghaly, new kids on the block Salomon Kalou and Jonathan de Guzman. It remains to be seen whether this was a scouting mission with the January Transfer Sales in mind,, watch this space....that's it for now... au reviour mon amis... Keep it locked.

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