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who: Real Madrid
when: 21/02/06  19.45
where: Santiago Bernabéu
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1 Chelski 26 66 36
2 Man USA 26 54 25
3 Liverpool 26 51 15
4 The Scum 26 45 13
5 Arsenal 26 41 18
6 Bolton 24 39 7
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Henry 25+1 19
van Persie 17+10 11
Pires 23+8 8
Reyes 26+3 4
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On today's show

Fred's not right...

Arsenal boss manArsène Wengerhas confirmed on AFC TV that SuperSwede™ Freddie Ljungberg wont feature against northern monkeys Sunderland for tomorrows Premiership match up. However the good news is that German mentalist Jens Lehmann will be sporting that fashionable orange and red number and return in goal after missing the mid week Champions League game. It is believed that Camp Freddie's hamstring injury isn't too serious and he will return after the two week rest for the next game against Wigan Athletic on the 19 November.

The game against northern monkeys Sunderland who 'Little' Arsenal beat 3-0 in the Carling Cup a couple of weeks back will see Captain and all round Mr Nice Guy Thierry Henry continue his return to fitness and start up front. No team news (as yet) has been revealed whether Dutch Master Dennis Bergkamp or Junior Dutch Master Robin van 'Lord' Persie will get the nod to start alongside Captain Titi.Ashley "The best left back in the world™" Coleand Alexander Hleb are still waving their sick notes which they will be till early December, so the squad will be:

From: Lehmann, Almunia, Lauren, Toure, Campbell, Clichy, Reyes, Eboue, Gilberto, Flamini, Pires, Fabregas, Henry, Van Persie, Bergkamp, Poom, Song, Cygan, Senderos, Quincy, Lupoli, Muamba.

For more stats and info on the game, you can't really go wrong especially if you have some Friday afternoon time on your hands have a butchers - The Tail of The Tape between Arsenal and Sunderland.

More playground antics

The Bank of Chelsea manager and slick Portugeezer José Money has said he will say sorry to The Arsenal coach Saint Wenger for his 'voyeur' comments, only ifArsène Wengersay's sorry about his comments regarding The Chavs of Sarf London. He also added if the wily Frenchman doesn't apologise, it's his ball and he's going home. But staying on track the money fueled 'Special Case' declared: "If he is ready to apologise from Highbury about quotes and quotes about Chelsea, then I'm ready to do the same.

"But of course it's not a personal thing. The intention was not to hurt the man, the human being, of course not.

"I have respect for him as a human being as he's a successful man and nobody has helped him to arrive where he's arrived. As a manager too. It's the same, he's done very good things."

This story is set to run and run and run and run some more. However the Man Utd sponsored F.A. have confirmed they want this little saga to come to a close before it gets out of hand and are set to make the two managers kiss and make up, much in the same manner they made Saint Wenger and Manchester USA Red Sox's purple faced, sour looking, whiskey smelling, mad despotAlex 'Ol 65% Proof Nose' Fergusonshake hands rather than each others necks during the height of their slanging match. Watch this space.

Lord Persie hails 'fantastic' guys

After a bit of a 'troubled' summer to say the least and then getting sent off against FC Thun for a player jumping into his boot, Robin van 'Lord' Persie who's sparkled in recent games has spoken about how the other players have helped him. Dennis Bergkamp's 'Heir to the throne' is having a bit of a Highbury love-in and declared "All the guys have been fantastic - Sol Campbell, Thierry, Dennis; they are fantastic for me. Being with those guys will make you better, if you want to. If you train well everyday and have the right spirit, then you can be a better player. And also the boss, because he has been fantastic to me over the past 16 or 17 months."

The young Dutch star also had a few things to say about one of the greatest players to ever grace the Premiership: "He plays in the same position as me, but I do not want to compare myself with Dennis, because I have too much respect for him, both as a person and a footballer.

"I think he is a great example for me and I am happy to be around him every day to learn."

Which is nice.

Goonerbabe wall

Do you know some nutty gooners or want to put yourself forward? Well get sending. Let us know your name, age, where you're from, your favourite player, your favourite all-time Arsenal player and your favourite drink and anything else you want to spill. Not exactly Mastermind is it chaps and chapesses? Email us and attach your pics and make them jpegs, it's that easy. This is the fans section, get cracking - it would be rude not too.

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round-up in 60 seconds or less...

Bigger fish: Despite already securing The Arsenal's passage to the knock out stages of the Champions League, Dennis Bergkamp remains wary of what other teams might have up their sleeve against The Gunners. "There are still a lot of big names, big teams, in other groups and we can only see then if we are really a good team" The Dutchman said... January Sales: The Arsenal are 'allegedly' looking to make a move for Lille midfielder Mathieu Bodmer. The 22 year old starred (so we're told) in the 1-0 victory against Manchester USA Red Sox and is rated very highly in his home land... that's it for now... au reviour mon amis... Keep it locked.

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