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who: Sunderland
when: 05/11/05  15.00


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1 Chelski 11 31 22
2 Wigan 10 22 6
3 The Scum 11 20 6
4 Man Citeh 11 20 5
5 Bolton 11 20 2
8 Arsenal 10 17 6
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Henry 6+1 6
van Persie 5+7 6
Pires 12+1 3
Campbell 7+2 2
Cygan 4+3 2
Reyes 6+1 1
Bergkamp 8+3 1
Gilberto 12+1 1
Ljungberg 10 1
Senderos 4 1
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On today's show

And now for the Premiership...

After securing the rights of passage to the knock out stages of the Champions League, Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger says he's going to concentrate on the league. The 3-0 win against Czech team Sparta Prague courtesy of goals from Arsenal captain and all round Mr Nice Guy Thierry Henry and a brace from Dutchman Robin van 'Lord' Persie saw The Arsenal through to the last 16.

It's the best ever start to the European adventure The Arsenal have had to date, however given the group that The Gunners are in, anything less would be criticised from here to Shanghai. The 3-0 score line could appear a little bit harsh, as Sparta Prague could have and probably should have scored from a number of the chances they conjured up. Surprisingly stand-in keeper Manuel Almunia who was in for injured German mentalist Jens Lehmann didn't gift the opposition a hint of a mistake, which is nice.

After the victory Saint Wenger declared "We are going to focus on the championship now and hopefully we will see that on Saturday against Sunderland. First of all, we want consistency in the Premier League and to come back."

Saint Wenger has pop at the media

With the current spat between Saint Wenger and The Bank of Chelsea coach José Money looking to overshadow any 'differences' The Arsenal boss ever had with Manchester USA Red Sox purple faced, whiskey smelling mad despot Alex 'Ol' 65% Proof Nose' Ferguson, the Frenchman has said the media is to blame for stirring things up. In what will shock the country that the media, especially the 'red tabs' are somehow underhand and milking stories or quotes for all their worth and even putting their own slant on things to make them 'exclusives' - Saint Wenger has rolled up the sleeves on his Pierre Cardin suit and come out fighting. In this exclusively gleaned report The Arsenal boss stormed "You must listen to what I say and not write what I do not say. Have I said he is stupid? By implication? You have to respect what I say and not what you think I have said. I know exactly what I say - not what you think I have said. I have seen some quotes and they are not right." The wily Frenchman continued but we think you get the picture.

Solman still upset at abuse

Sol Campbell, Arsenal and England's number defender when he's not waving his sicknote about, has spoken out again about getting flak from the gypo's down Shite Hart Lane. The Sulzeer one commented "You can't get used to it. People think you do, but you don't, of course not. You just want to play football. You can deal with people shouting or whatever when it's at the whole team, but when the spotlight is on one person, all you can do is be better prepared for it."

"It was the usual stuff, people just shouting, talking rubbish, swearing, you know. I just looked at him and laughed really.

"Now hopefully they will take it, deal with it and they've promised me they will ban him for life."

However another form of punishment we believe the authorizes down The Lame should consider is making the young gypo go to every Spurs game, home and away and watch every minute of their games. Failing that why not give the mouthy tw*t a pair of boxing gloves so him and The Rock can 'duke it out' and let's see if the Spud supporter is so quick with his mouth and the insults, no? OK then ban the fool.

Goonerbabe wall

We seem to be lacking in new pictures for the Goonerbabe wall, so get sending in those pictures. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work it out but we could do with some new new Gooners to feature - come on now no need to be shy. The Email address is in 'contact us' or simply click the banner below - you know it makes sense.

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round-up in 60 seconds or less...

Dominatrix still doesn't fancy Bobby: Bobby Pires' World Cup hopes (like he had any at all) have again been hit by French coach Roger Dominatirx. Bobby who hasn't had a look in since falling out with the coach for wearing a Puma t-shirt has been left out the squad to face Costa Rica and Germany. In a remarkable twist though, 'Le Grande Sulk' Nicolas Anelka has somehow wormed his way back into the squad... We'll have Seaman: Ex Arsenal leg-end Paul Merson who is now bossing League 1 side Wallsall has failed in an attempt to lure another Arsenal leg-end David 'Safe Hands' Seaman. You may remember Spunky from such great saves as the one-handed one in the F.A. Cup semi final against Sheffield United player Paul Pesky something or another. Any road up, Merson wanted Seaman in goal, however due to the laughing pony tail sporting Yorkshireman and former 'They think it's all over' captain signing an agreement with his insurers that he wont play again, the deal was dead in the water..  Get your trophies out: Have another laugh courtesy of Nyssie's Gooner Blog and see North London's top club's trophy cabinet - I want one of those to put all our silverware in... Up the Donny: Arsenal yoof keeper Michael Jordan is to trial with the footballing giants that is Doncaster Rovers... Lord Persie love-in: Dutch Master Dennis Bergkamp and Arsenal coach Saint Wenger have joined forces and spoken of the delights and impact of Robin van 'Lord' Persie as had since his 'troubled' summer, which is nice.... that's it for now... au reviour mon amis... Keep it locked.

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