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mickey mouse cup
who: Reading
when: 29/11/05  19.45
where: Highbury
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1 Chelski 14 37 26
2 Man USA 13 27 8
3 Arsenal 13 26 12
4 Wigan 13 25 6
5 The Scum 14 24 6
6 Bolton 13 23 2
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Henry 10+1 11
van Persie 8+8 9
Pires 16+1 4
Campbell 11+2 2
Cygan 7+3 2
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On today's show

Thierry Henry in 'another record' shocker

The Arsenal captain and all round Mr Nice Guy Thierry Henry who seems to be breaking records for fun has gone and bagged himself another one. This time the award is in the form of being the first player to bang in 100 goals at Highbury, King Henry also becomes the very first Premiership player to score a ton of goals at one stadium into the bargain, which is nice.

Everyone from players to managers and even Bruce Forsythe (ok we made that bit up) have been eulogising about the talismanic Barcelona bound Frenchman. Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger was one of the first to heap praise on the Va va voom one, exclusively gleaned the wily Frenchman commented: "The records witness his outstanding quality. I played a few games and never scored 100 goals, not even on different grounds. But this is his garden here and he feels completely at ease. You know when he walks on the pitch here that he will score a goal".

King Henry - The Constant Gardener

After his historic 100th goal at Highbury, the ground was described by Saint Wenger as King Henry's 'back garden'. As most fans who support The Arsenal and have green fingers Captain Titi said: "I would love to have a garden like this! It's tremendous. Scoring 100 goals, you realise that I love to play here with great players in the past and now. Everyone loves to play here. You speak to opponents and they just love it. The fans love it, we love it. It's not just me, everyone will miss the ground. It's pretty special."

Rip roaring Robin

If Thierry Henry thought he was going to have it all his own way this weekend against northern monkeys Blackburn Rovers he didn't figure for Robin van 'Lord' Persie

to come and score a goal of Marco van Basten proportions. In the 3-0 caning of an effective Rovers side two of The Arsenal's emerging lights got on the score sheet, Cesc Fabregas scored a peach of a goal and must of skipped the page in the manual where it says 'An Arsenal player has to bugger about and be over elaborate, pass the ball through the eye of a needle and at no time must you attempt a shot from more than 25 yards when you walk the ball into the net.'

Anyhoo an eventful game which was evenly balanced, especially with The Arsenal again playing with cult hero Pascal Cygan at left back, which effectively means 11 playing 10 saw a game which was end to end. Goals from Fabregas, King Henry (of course) and an absolute screamer from on form Robin van 'Lord' Persie a bit of dramatics from Robbie 'Lilly' Savage going down quicker than an Essex girl on a first date after Spanish gypsy José Antonio Reyes flicked a gloved hand (the scoundrel) at the Welsh blond bombshell, put all that together and you have the full match report, or nearly but that's your lot.

More on those northern monkeys shirt sponsors

Allgoonerdup have a had a couple of classics in the 'Who should be American owned conglomerate Manchester USA Red Sox's new sponsors. But so far here is one of the best one's: Sent in by Trystan who tells us it's an American beer, how fitting. Good work Gooner
allgoonerdup: arsenal fans web site - all good fun, tongue in cheek and all that - image of wanker beer (USA) they say it tastes great.

Keep sending in your suggestions of who you think should be the money grabbing and Asian touring Manc's next sponsor?' Send your answers to: (copy and paste the address into your email client) - Remember it's just for fun, remember to include your name with your suggestion to get a mention on the site, would be rude not to.

As we all know the money grabbing northern monkeys will stop at nothing to earn more filthy lucre for their piggy bank and it's been suggested that instead of the team being sponsored by a sole company individual players will be sponsored:

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Do you know any sexy gooners or simply want to put yourself forward? Well get sending. Let us know your name, age, where you're from, your favourite player, your favourite all-time Arsenal player and your favourite drink and anything else you want to spill. Not exactly Mastermind is it chaps and chapesses? Email us and attach your pics, it's that easy. This is the fans section, get cracking - it would be rude not too.

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round-up in 60 seconds or less...

Left back linkage: The Arsenal are 'allegedly' after Ajax left-back Maxwell, who's currently injured at the moment. The Brazilian is also wanted by The Old Lady, no not his mother, but Italian club Juventus... Now that's a Real story: Apparently Real Madrid's football busting Roberto Carlos wants to return to Brazil, cue more stories that you can swing a cat at, that pop tart dating and Burberry wearing Ashley Cole will be on his way there... Young guns go for it: It's been announced that The Arsenal team to meet the Royals, no not the family but Reading FC will be a mix of the reserves and youth, now there's a surprise, hardly news is it? The usual suspects will be present Lupoli, Larsson, Bendtner, Cregg, meaning the average age will be about 12 years old.. that's it for now, au reviour mon amis, keep it locked.

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