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who: Real Madrid
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1 Chelski 26 66 36
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Henry 25+1 19
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On today's show

Kids to get a piece of the Euro Action

With The Arsenal already in the hat for the knock out stages of the Champions League,Arsène Wengerwill throw the youngsters into the mix against Swiss big guns FC Thun. The new look side will be a little sprinkling of the proper Arsenal as well as some faces you will notice from Carling Cup action aka 'Little' Arsenal.

The likes of Kolo Touré, non-flying Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp, goal keeping mentalist Jens Lehmann and Gilberto are all set for a long earned rest and will be watching the game all tucked up at home in front of the fire with a nice cup of Rosy Lee. In come the likes of Alexander Song, the nephew of former hub cap nicking scouser Liverpool player 'It's all gone a bit' Rigobert Song and Emmanuel Eboue, who may start the game. Free scoring reserve team youngsters Arturo Lupoli, Nicklas Bendtner and defender Johan Djourou will also travel and will start on the bench. However (cue howls of derision) big bald headed lumbering Pascal Cygan will give all Gooners heart attacks and will play at left back once again, that's if manages to find his way out of the airport.

You could do worst than check the Beeb's stats of the game: FC Thun vs The Arsenal: The tail of the tape.

Va va voom to bust another record

The Arsenal captain, Barcelona bound and all round Mr Nice Guy Thierry Henry is set to add another record to his already bulging bag of trinkets at The Arsenal. The star forward will make his 70th appearance in Europe, breaking the previous record of 69 set by an Arsenal player. The previous record was set by none other than big laughing Yorkshireman and former 'They think it's all other' captain David 'Safe Hands' Seaman. Good work Gooner.

Saint Wenger in Henry Shocker

Wily FrenchmanArsène Wengermade many a defender groan yesterday when he declared Thierry Henry will only get better. In this exclusively gleaned report Saint Wenger commented: "I personally believe his best years are coming, from 28 to 32. After 32, you have to consider it is down to your health, how much your body wants it. His athleticism is so strong that even if he drops a little bit, he will still be very strong. I find always players compromise between physical strength and experience."

FC Thun player still bleating

FC Thun defender Alen Orman, you may remember him from such games as the 2-1 win over the Swiss boys at Highbury, but more vividly you may remember him for throwing himself into the boot of Robin van 'Lord' Persie. Ahead of the big clash the Swiss defender has got himself some column inches and insists that he still suffers from the 'nightmare' of the infamous Kung Fu kick. The stopper stopped short of doing that scene in the movie 'Jaws' where the shark hunters compared scars however.

Orman did however say quite menacingly: "I'm okay with it as you sometimes expect these things in football. But I don't know what our fans will do to him ('Lord' Persie)." As we know the Swiss are a fighting bunch and the Dutchman is expected to be under 24 hour protective guards, fully equipped with one of those Swiss multi functional army knives.

Jiggery pokery

There have been some changes on the site and many more going on in the background. In order that you get the full benefits, empty your cache and reload the page and hey presto!! It all looks the same apart from a few cosmetic bits! If you can't do that and it's all a bit too technical for you - ask your younger brother you know how kids know everything about computers.

Gil and Gio Show

No it's not ITV 1 new offering of a day time TV show, it's al to do with Thierry Henry (him again?). In the Red corner, The Arsenal 'Invisible Wall' Gilberto is the latest player to stake an interest in the Va va voom one's contract rumblings. In a nut shell the Brazilian is quoted as as saying the team all want Big Tel to stay but the decision does lie with the Frenchman. However he did add: "If Thierry goes, we will have to learn to live without him. But I'm looking forward to playing alongside him next season of course."

And in the Blue/Red stripe corner former Arsenal midfielder/left back Gio van Bronckhurst, in this exclusively gleaned report said: "Thierry is a phenomenal player. I know just how good because I used to train with him every day. Thierry is very special and I think he can compete with the strikers we have."

Goonerbabe wall

Do you know any sexy gooners or simply want to put yourself forward? Well get sending. Let us know your name, age, where you're from, your favourite player, your favourite all-time Arsenal player and your favourite drink and anything else you want to spill. Not exactly Mastermind is it chaps and chapesses? Email us and attach your pics and make them jpegs, it's that easy. This is the fans section, get cracking - it would be rude not too.

allgoonerdup: arsenal fans news site - bit cheeky & all that - this is the goonerbabe link

round-up in 60 seconds or less...

More silverware: Arsenal midfield man and sick note waving Alexander Hleb has for the third time been named Belarus player of the year. We're not too sure how strong the competition is in that neck of the woods but Good Work Gooner... Arsenal are the tops: Well we all know that however it's official. The Arsenal currently are the top team in Europe, who would of thunk it? If you don't believe us, rub your eyes and click: The Arsenal, the daddy's of Europe... Another midfield linkage: French side Marseille have said two big English clubs are thought to be in the hunt to sign youngster Franck Ribery. The Arsenal, Manchester USA Red Sox and Tottenham to name but two are said to be the sides interested in the French wide man...

today's news round has been like a midget covered in sugar - short and sweet.. that's it for now... au reviour mon amis... Keep it locked.

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