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who: Blackburn Rovers
when: 26/11/05  15.00
where: Highbury
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1 Chelski 13 34 24
2 Wigan 12 25 7
3 Man USA 12 24 7
4 Arsenal 12 23 9
5 Bolton 12 23 3
6 The Scum 13 21 5
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Henry 9+1 10
van Persie 8+7 8
Pires 15+1 4
Campbell 10+2 2
Cygan 6+3 2
Reyes 8+1 1
Bergkamp 8+5 1
Gilberto 14+1 1
Ljungberg 12 1
Senderos 5 1
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On today's show

My left foot

As every Gooner knows, unless they've been staying in Wales or living in a Buddhist compound in the Tibetan mountains, we have have no left backs available. Real Madrid bound (depending on which paper/site you subscribe to) Ashley Cole is out until December and just as he was set to get a run in the team Gael Clichy has gone and handed in a sick note as well. The young Frenchman ironically sustained the injury during France's U21 World Cup qualifier game against England.

It still isn't known how bad the injury is, however a fractured foot seems to be the general consensus. It hasn't been revealed as yet how wily Frenchman Arsène Wenger will tinker with his squad, although there are nearly as many permutations as Roman has billions. This includes moving 'Ralph' Lauren or Kolo Touré to the left or even having Highbury folk hero Pascal Cygan fill the void, perish the thought. Or just to throw another name into the mix, the possibility of using Seb Larsson. The young Swede has played at left back and out of position into the bargain for the reserves could possibly get a look in, anyhoo your guess is as good as ours.

Reyes in ' Thierry stay shocker'

With not much news worthy stories doing the rounds, again the media pick up on the fact that Thierry Henry doesn't want to discuss his future until the summer. The Arsenal captain and all round Mr Nice Guy, although that could change to judas if he decides to 'do one' recently repeated his decision not to sign or discuss his future until the season is over.

Young Spanish international José Antonio Reyes has revealed there is concern in the Highbury dressing room that the 'Va va voom one' hasn't committed his future to the club. He revealed in this exclusively gleaned report: "It's not just me - the entire team is encouraging him to sign a new deal with the club. We'd like him to stay. He's a massively important player for us. But no one can do anything about it - it's his decision."

The fleet footed gypsy revealed that playing alongside King Henry was a major factor in his extending his contract: "I've signed until 2011, six more years. That's a very, very important commitment for me and for the club. Playing alongside a great player was a big factor in my decision to stick with Arsenal."

With this saga possibly having another eight months to run be sure to see many other Arsenal players adding their little sound bite.

Even Ruud boy has his say

Not only Arsenal players are having they say about Barcelona bound goal king Thierry Henry. The former most expensive player in the world, Alan Shearer dropping and ex dreadlock guitar rocking Dutch leg-end Ruud Gullit has also added his two pence worth. We're Not quite sure why the ex AC Milan player has got a sound bite or why his comments have been made 'news worthy' - slow week is our guess. The 1988 Dutch tight shorts wearing European Championship winning captain is quoted, again in this exclusively gleaned report: "I don't know, maybe he is going abroad. It's just a feeling [maybe] he wants to see as a player, travel around, see what it is to play in another league."

If you have an opinion or want to share your comments on the Barcelona bound player and you don't want Ruud Gullit to hug the 'headlines' please click this link: I reckon Thierry Henry will... Remember to leave your name and remember there's no prizes, it's just for fun.

Is it on? Oh yes it is - oh no it's not

Pantomime season has come early, oh yes it has. Hot on the trail of The Arsenal coach Saint Wenger saying the Premiership race is still on after The Bank of Chelsea's famous loss to Our Friends in the North, that would be Manchester United folks (fetch that soap and wash your mouth our now) José Mourinho has spoken (again!). The Portugeezer, megalomaniac and collector of newspaper clippings José Money has said no the race is definitely over.

The nauseating motor mouth, no class having and voyeur calling coach has said: "There is no shame in defeat because we were champions last season, we are league leaders at the moment and we will be champions again for the second year running. I am with my players. I am not afraid of the future. We have more money than you underlings, we will buy our way to success, muhahahahaha"*

*Some of this story might have been sexed up

Goonerbabe wall

Do you know some nutty gooners or want to put yourself forward? Well get sending. Let us know your name, age, where you're from, your favourite player, your favourite all-time Arsenal player and your favourite drink and anything else you want to spill. Not exactly Mastermind is it chaps and chapesses? Email us and attach your pics and make them jpegs, it's that easy. This is the fans section, get cracking - it would be rude not too.

allgoonerdup: arsenal fans news site - bit cheeky & all that - this is the goonerbabe link

round-up in 60 seconds or less...

Ging gang Ghaly: Feyenoord's Egyptian star Hossam Ghaly has revealed two big London clubs are after his services. It's no secret that Saint Wenger is in the hunt for him, however stories linking Tottenham with him are wide of the mark as we all know those N17 boys aren't even close to being a big club... that's it for now... au reviour mon amis... Keep it locked.

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