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who: Blackburn Rovers
when: 26/11/05  15.00
where: Highbury
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1 Chelski 13 34 24
2 Wigan 12 25 7
3 Man USA 12 24 7
4 Arsenal 12 23 9
5 Bolton 12 23 3
6 The Scum 13 21 5
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Henry 9+1 10
van Persie 8+7 8
Pires 15+1 4
Campbell 10+2 2
Cygan 6+3 2
Reyes 8+1 1
Bergkamp 8+5 1
Gilberto 14+1 1
Ljungberg 12 1
Senderos 5 1
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On today's show

Paddy letting rip

Ex Arsenal captain, talisman and enigmatic midfield enforcer (add more superlatives for flavour) Patrick Vieira cant keep out the news at the moment and is having a pop at everyone, he must have a book to sell.

The Old Lady playing midfield general who is doing the rounds is of course trying to flog extra copies of his autobiography which is imaginatively called: Vieira - My autobiography. Papers/sites have picked out the best bits of the book which include calling Ruud van Cheatingcoont a cheat and pie eating, geriatric massage parlour 'madam' worrying Wayne Rooney a diver, sounds more like a factual book than an autobiography to us.

The big man also reveals he wanted to stay at The Arsenal for life but sun tan drenched David 'Double D' Dein was 'neutral' about him, which led Paddy to think that 'it was time to move on'. Anyhoo that is the best bits of the book look out for fillers such as who Vieira's favourite bands are and who is the biggest gambler on the away coach.

You could do worst than clicking this link and putting more money in the millionaire players back burner: I'm Paddy, please buy my book.

Another Real story

Fresh from no real news week due to the international friendlies, sites/papers have picked up the 'Ashley Cole to Real Madrid in the summer' saga again. Many papers/sites see Mr Cheryl Tweedy as the rightful heir to the left back crown of Roberto Carlos. The pop tart dating footballer who signed an extension in the summer which many see as just a sweetener for the Cole-gate debacle on the behalf of The Arsenal money men. There's another eight months until the summer, so this story will run and run - next.

On the subject of Cole leaving, young gun Gael Clichy has claimed the Burberry wearing defender is still his 'Number one'.

In this exclusively gleaned report The French Under-21 international reveals: "Ashley Cole gives me advice. I am eager to see him back from his injury, even if we play at the same position - he is an important player."

"But it is also an opportunity to show we can be good without him too. Ashley remains number one, and I am still in a learning period - I have proved I can play a little role.

"I have a lot of work to rejoin him, but my ambition is to take his place one day.” And according to those 'in the know' that could be as early as next summer young man.

No Mexican stand off

Shrewd Frenchman and José Money slagging off Arsenal coach Saint Wenger seems to have pulled off another coup. The wily Frenchman has got another OFTF - that's 'One for the Future' people. Mexican side Chivas of Guadalajara have confirmed that teenager Carlos Vela is on his way to The Arsenal.

"It's official that Carlos Vela, the Under-17 world champion, now belongs to Arsenal." said a statement on the club's website. That's official then.

Goonerbabe wall

Do you know some nutty gooners or want to put yourself forward? Well get sending. Let us know your name, age, where you're from, your favourite player, your favourite all-time Arsenal player and your favourite drink and anything else you want to spill. Not exactly Mastermind is it chaps and chapesses? Email us and attach your pics and make them jpegs, it's that easy. This is the fans section, get cracking - it would be rude not too.

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round-up in 60 seconds or less...

Bobby and The Old Lady: Bobby Pires has revealed that he nearly followed Patrick Vieira (him again?) out the door during the summer. The midfielder revealed that Arsène Wenger didn't want him to leave. Bobby also reveals that he will sit down during the January Sales to discuss his future before doing 'that' horsey mouthy thing... Oh Fernando : Atletico Madrid super star Fernando Torres has said he flattered to be linked to The Arsenal. That comes days after the club stated he wasn't for sale. There will of course be a next installment when his agent will throw in his 2 pence worth in just to make sure a couple more million goes on the price tag in this game of cat and mouse... Midfielder linkage: The Arsenal are 'allegedly' after St Etienne's £10 million-rated midfielder Didier Zokora. The midfield general is also wanted by northern monkeys Manchester United...  Tel us something we don't know: Arsenal Kingpin and all round Mr Nice Guy Thierry Henry has revealed that he wont sit down to discuss his contract until the summer. According to SlySports it's an exclusive, but as Big Tel has said all season he wont discuss his future until the end of the season, it isn't really news is it? Just SlySports being a bit naughty and playing with your football emotions... that's it for now... au reviour mon amis... Keep it locked.

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