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Sun 8 May 4.05pm
Sly Sports 1

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1 Chelski 35 88 54
3 Arsenal 35 77 43
3 Manure 35 73 33
4 Everton 35 58 5
5 Liverpool 36 55 12
6 Bolton 36 54 4
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 Henry 41
 Ljungberg 34+2
 Pires 34+10
 Reyes 35+6
 van Persie 15+22
 Vieira 40 6
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The return of 'The Rock'?

sol the main man..Sol 'The Rock' Campbell could make a surprise return to the first team against PSV Eindhoven in The Arsenal's must win game in the UEFA Champions League. Everyman and his dogg knows The Arsenal have been shipping goals for fun and are in need to get to grips with the leaky defence.

The Rocks presence would be a welcome return to The Arsenal defence and should give the whole team a major defensive lift. As good as he has been in recent weeks and surprisingly none of the four goals we shipped against The Scum were directly his fault but Pascal 'Le Oak' Cygan does give all gooners the jitters but not quite as much as seeing Igor Stepanovs in the middle of the defence. Just seeing The Rock on the pitch will give The Arsenal a boost.


Is Saint Wenger appealing?

Saint Wenger has been given until the end of play today to decide to whether to appeal against The F.A.'s charge of improper conduct for his outburst calling Ruud Van Cheatingcuunt 'cheat'. The F.A. has asked Saint Wenger to give an explanation of his comments.. here at we could do that for them and quote 'Ruud Van Cheatingcuunt is a dirrty, cheating, diving, sneak a boot in, Manc' there... think that's a fair enough explanation. We have given The F.A. five days to respond.. of course we haven't but you can read the proper appeal story here.


Has Cocu gone coo-coo?

PSV Eindhoven midfield player and Pinocchio impersonator (and you know we still haven't forgiven the way he conned the ref when we played Barca in the Champions League at Wembley a few years ago) has said The Arsenal are a club in a 'crisis' and are there for the taking. The beaky looking one has obviously made this tie that much more juicy. Read his comments regarding The Arsenal here.


UEFA Ref in walk out threat

The referee in charge of the match against PSV Eindhoven, Herbert Fandel, has stated he is willing to abandon the match if similar scenes seen in Spain last week and at PSV two seasons ago are repeated. When The Arsenal played PSV in the Champions League in Sept 2002 the black players at The Arsenal were verbally abused by the PSV crowd, especially King Henry who came in for most of the chants from these backward and ignorant scum. Anyway we don't want to see the team walk off due to racists, however if that's going to happen it will interesting to see what would happen to PSV as when it happened previously they were only fined £22.5k.


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