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who: West Ham
when: 24/09/05  15.00
where: Upton Park
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1 Chelski 6 18 12
2 Charlton 5 12 5
3 Man USA 5 11 5
4 Bolton 5 11 3
5 Man Citeh 6 11 2
7 Arsenal 5 9 5
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Henry 4 3
Campbell 2+2 2
Cygan 2+1 2
van Persie 2+4 1
Reyes 4+1 1
Bergkamp 4+2 1
Gilberto 5+1 1
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Now Manure want a pizza the action

As fate would have it - The Mickey Mouse Cup, sponsored this month by Carling 'The King of Beers' or something like that, has thrown up some very tasty quarter final matches. The 'Little' Arsenal will face Manure at Old Shiteford on either the 30th November or 1st December in what is the tie of the round. This match will surely be televised but The F.A. have stated the match will be refereed in three minute rounds rather than the standard 45 minutes each way routine. Surprisingly the three other Mickey Mouse Cup ties contain some big teams - Chelsea vs Fulham, Liverpool vs some other North London team, no not Barnet and oh yeah... and Watford vs Pompey.


Old 60% Proof Nose in chuckle shock

After seeing his near full strength team dispose of Chrystal Palarse and then draw The 'Little' Arsenal in the next round of the MMC, Manure manager the purple faced, wrigley's chewing, incomprehensible, despot - Old 60% Proof Nose, laughed and said "..........." well we couldn't quite understand but our northern correspondent helped and translated the whiskey smelling jock as saying "Oh The F.A. are going to love that". Old 60% Proof Nose could even afford a chuckle and smile. He immediately added that he will field the team that beat The Palarse as well, leaving no one in doubt he still intends to field his first team against our 'boys'.


Mr Anthony 'Mr Arsenal' Adams resigns

Better known to his mates as 'Mr Arsenal', Tony Adams has resigned after just a season and a bit in charge of Wycombe Wanderers. No one quite knows exactly why, there's nearly as manly conspiracy theories as who shot JR.. or is that JFK? All we know here is we wish Mr Arsenal good luck for the future.

Saint Wenger was quick to point out The Arsenal aren't currently looking for a coach but you could probably count on the fact that if TA6 wants to come back to Highbury in some capacity then he most definitely will.


Dead man takes over The Scum

scum managerThe Scum have probably pulled off the signing coup of the year by landing the geezer who plays Barry in S'tenders. Now they can claim they have signed someone rather than 'nearly' signing someone - even though he's dead, well he's bound to do a better job of that N17 outfit than any of their last managers in the last 'whatever' years.

the new Scum manager