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'Little' Arsenal chew up
the Toffeemen

The 'Little' Arsenal beat the big boys of Everton in the Carling Cup last night and it was very convincing. The toffeemen seemed to think that all they needed to do was turn up for the game - but boy was they in for a shock. With a near full strength team Everton took the lead after only 8 minutes and the writing seemed to be on the wall for The 'Little' Arsenal. But with an injury to Ryan Smith and the introduction of Dr Quincy the tie turned for The 'Little' Arsenal - he was immediately into the action and it wasn't long before he scored a stunning goal. Dr Quincy wrapped up a grandiose performance by laying on the two killer passes for our hot-shot Italian striker Arturo Lupoli - who has been scoring for fun in the reserves.

The team which was captained by Edu would of impressed any onlooker even the cocky Everton players, who must feel right proper mugged off and a tinge embarrassed after being caned by a bunch of youngsters. full match report here.


Now the bad news from the Mickey Mouse Cup

After putting in a perfect performance as captain, Edu has been ruled out for six weeks after breaking a bone in his foot and this game was his comeback game after an injury! Edu put in a no nonsense performance and got proper stuck in an earned a yellow card into the bargain by doing a two footed tackle on Everton striker James McFadden. full story here.


'Little' Arsenal to play against The Scum

No, not really but Saint Wenger was so impressed by the youngsters that he said he wouldn't have any qualms about pitching our young guns against The Scum on Saturday. The way the first team have been playing recently I think a couple of them should be looking over  their shoulders.


The Ginger Midget blows his stack

Upset at getting beat by a bunch of kids, David Moyes, boss of the wheel hub thieving, house breaking, glue sniffing and car radio nicking scouser's of Everton - bleated that El Capatain Edu should of been sent of for his two-footed challenge on James MacFadden. "We were 1-0 up and then Edu made a two-footed tackle over the ball. He was very influential on the game, Arsenal played very well but if he had been sent off, it would have changed the game. Definitely."

Yeah, we would of beat their sorry asses with ten men... er 'boys'. Everyone knows The Arsenal play just as well with ten men. So allgoonerdup says top the bleating you ginger jock and just take defeat on the chin and accept your full strength team didn't have what it takes to beat The 'Little' Arsenal.


The Everton Match - my verdict - reaction

Well I called this one completely wrong, I must of confused our first team of superstars with our 'Little' Arsenal superstars. I thought Everton would be too strong, physically and performance wise, however I didn't allow for the hunger and the skill level 'Little Arsenal' have. Anyway I'm not that vain that I can't admit to being wrong - in cases like this I fooking love it! I'd love it, love it, if we beat them... oops got carried away there... anyway mon amies au revoir.