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West Brom
Mon 2 May 8pm
Sly Sports 1

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1 Chelski 34 85 52
3 Arsenal 34 74 41
3 Manure 34 70 29
4 Everton 34 58 7
5 Liverpool 35 54 12
6 Bolton 35 54 6
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 Henry 41
 Ljungberg 34+2
 Pires 33+10
 Reyes 34+6
 van Persie 14+22
 Vieira 39 6
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Allgoonerdup REDUX!

Welcome once more to the all new we have decided to relaunch the site as the previous one we felt there was too much going on. So we have decided to 'streamline' the site - meaning it will get updated on a daily basis as well - or there about's that's the theory anyway.


Bring on the Villa

Next game up is against those northern monkeys Aston Vanilla. I'm sure this will prove to be a good game but not a scorcher by any stretch of my imagination.. the Villa will come and try to contain us and then hit us on the break.. must admit I'm not counting this as 3 points especially after the international break - so you know for starters we wont be as fluid as we were in our last game against Charlton - but I feel we will have allot more fire power than the Villa - so lets see if the boys are up for this one.


Much Edu about nothing

On the subject of Saturdays match - the media are trying to stick their ore in and basically shit stir by claiming that due to Edu being left out by Sir Wenger against the Villa - it will galvanise his decision to leave The Arsenal for possibly Barcelona... yeah right! the fact that the man has flown long haul on Thursday all the way from Brazil hasn't opened their eyes to the fact that Edu would be more fucking knackered than a Hugh Hefner on a Friday night at the Playboy Mansion after servicing a 'few' of his Playboy bunnies...


Oh oh here comes trouble

It's been reported that Robin Van Dick Van Dyke Van Persie has landed himself in trouble by doing the usual Premiership player trick - wrapping his luxury, fuck fast sports car around a lamp post - or in his case the central reservation on the M25 - in typical Premiership Player style - Van Persie left the sign of the crime... no doubt the 'red tab' papers will make more of this than is necessary.

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