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It's all up for grabs...

...can you fill in the rest of the caption? Of course you can. 'It is now' was the immortal words hailed by Brian Moore against the wheel hub nicking scouser's when St Michael of Thomas scored with virtually the last kick of the game in that famous championship winning game in 1989. It still sends shivers down the spines of all Gooners. Anyway enough of that nostalgia stuff, Sunday's game against Liverpool will be a very important one as both teams race towards Uefa Champions League qualification. In The case of The Arsenal automatic qualification is the real desire, that and finishing ahead of the USA conglomerate soccer team of Manchester Red Wildcats.

It has been confirmed by the Manure sponsored FA that even if Liverpool do the unthinkable and beat AC Milan in the Uefa Champions League final and finish less than fourth they wont be back in the competition next year.

OK back to the subject at hand , Sunday! No team news has been released as yet but we can 'exclusively' reveal(?)  that Thierry Henry and Camp Freddie will definitely not be playing a part in the game. The team really picks itself after being so ruthless in recent weeks. Sol 'The Rock' Campbell will probably start on the bench as Senderos is showing no signs of doing a 'Pascal Cygan' and DB10 will be rested in place of fellow Dutchman Lord van Persie.

With both teams needing wins to make sure of their respective desires for european qualification, the game should be open. You never know, Liverpool might even decide to come out of their half and try to attack rather than defend from the half  way line, stranger stuff has been known.


Saint Wenger tells Real Geri-atico's to 'jog on' over Reyes

Arsene Wenger has rolled up his sleeves and told Real Madrid to forget about signing radio prank boy José Reyes. Reyes has of course said on a number of occasions he is happy at The Arsenal but then spoiling by saying it would be a honour to play for the former Spanish giants.

However due to recent reports linking The Geri-atico's to the boy wonder Wenger has said "I have said many times that I don't buy a player of his age to sell him one year later. If Real Madrid wanted to buy him, they could have bought him a year ago. They can forget it, they can just jog on and tell them donkey dunking bull running boys to forget about signing Patrick too"*

*Some of this statement might not be 100% accurate


More on Liverpool

One of the funniest things we have see on our travels is this report on a thieving scouser website. It tells how the Manure sponsored FA favoured London clubs in the run up to the Uefa Champions League final last year. We reckon they're clutching at straws (and the rest). Think someone needs to tell them that it's the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, not the 'oh you're not quite good enough to even finish in fourth place in your league but you can still enter the competition'.


OK last bit on Liverpool

allgoonerdup - liverpool imageAs must Gooners would have wanted the northern monkeys to win against The Bank of Chelsea in the Champions League semi final, here's a little bit of fun to make you giggle how the lottery winning chavs of Sarf West London went out.


Senderos is the Official Player of the Month (Again!)

Philippe 'the new Tony Adams' Senderos is making the 'Player of the Month' tag his own by winning it for the second time in a row. He recorded 48% of the vote for a land slide victory on the official Arsenal site.

The young Swiss Alp, is fast losing his 'new Tony Adams' moniker and is looking like the 'new Philippe Senderos' which is nice. Good work Gooner.


Heinze aint so full of beans

Just when you thought he was being too quiet Manure dictator and despot Alex 'Ol' 80% Proof Nose' Ferguson spouts off again. However this time it's good news, the mad jock has said that Gabby Heinze the Manure left back is losing his fight to be fit for the FA Cup final.


José Money in trouble again (what's new?)

The Bank of Chelsea manager and all round PITA José Money is in deep water with Uefa. Just weeks after doing a stint on the sidelines for a two game ban, the toys have been thrown out of his pram again. After the 'controversial' goal which sealed the exit of The Bank of Chelsea from the Champions League José is in trouble for saying the linesman 'scored' the goal for Liverpool.

A Uefa spokesman said "It's unbelievable he hasn't got the brain to learn from his mistake last time."


Latest news on Tel and Fred

Hot off the press, ok gleaned from the official site, it has been confirmed by Saint Wenger at the latest press conference that King Henry and Camp Freddie 'could' play a part in the FA Cup Final.

Tel has resumed training whilst Freddie hasn't started a session as yet. Wenger is hopeful that both his boys will figure in the last game of the season against midland giants Birmingham City before pitching them into battle for the FA Cup Final.


round-up in 60 seconds or less..

Saint Wenger has confirmed that he and DB10 will sit down over a nice cup of tea and some cake to discuss the master Dutchman's future... Sol Campbell has made it known that he is 'fed up' sitting on the bench, however excepts he has to bide his time. Which is just as well seeing that his replacement Philippe Senderos just scooped the 'Player of the Month' title after some sterling performances... Fat Frank Lampard has scooped the PFA Fat Player of the Year today it has been announced. It was reported that Fat Frank said he was absolutely 'tucked up' about winning the award when he heard the news in his local pie shop... 'allegedly' The Arsenal will make a £12m raid on FC Stuttgart for winger Alexand er Hleb... The Arsenal could go Double Dutch as two potential targets are being trailed by Saint Wenger. His sights have been homed in on Salomon Kalou and Gianni Zuiverloon (couldn't make that up, could you?) who ply their trade for Feyenoord, the same team we signed Lord van Persie from... 'Allegedly' Juve have made a fresh bid for brazilian star Edu, who looks more than likely to be playing for another team next season... that's it Keep it locked, more news at 11.