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We got some silverware

Not much about the 2005 FA Cup Final will be remembered apart from the fact it was the 133rd one and that it went to penalties.. oh and that Manchester Red Sox Buccaneers got robbed by a bunch of Londoners in Cardiff, which is nice. It has to be said The Arsenal were outplayed, the 'safe' 4-5-1 formation didn't really work in terms of creating chances, but does it matter? Not one bit as The FA Cup is safely tucked up in the Highbury trophy cabinet. Claims that The Arsenal played for penalties are a bit far fetched. However, the way the game plan was set out, the boys could be playing till now and still be looking for a goal. So we'll end this report and say 'well done to The Arsenal and the 'real' Man of the Match Jens Lehmann who kept us in the game'.

It's always nice to grab some silverware and when it's against the Mancs and especially the way it was done, you've got to laugh haven't you? Remember how in the 2001 Final Liddypool were completely outplayed for 85 minutes and then decided to score a couple late goals - not nice was it? Well this feels a lot better and against the US conglomerate of Team Manchester Red Sox Buccaneers it's much more sweeter.

Oh did we mention it was a 10-man Arsenal that beat the Mancs? well we have now, which is nice.


Flying Dutchman signs up

After the FA Cup final win against the northern monkeys of soccer team Manchester United Dennis Bergkamp has confirmed he has signed for another 12 months. He will remain at Highbury for a tenth year meaning he will receive a well deserved testimonial. Now who would of thought of that when he first signed in 1995?


Wallpaper 'em

Let all your northern monkey friends now the coo and send them this very attractive desktop wallpaper or alternatively remind yourself everyday just who walked away with the FA Cup trophy. Get it here.


Exclusive Manure dart board

Fresh from their gallant defeat at the hand s of the mighty Arsenal, the Manchester Red Sox Buccaneers have produced another bit of splendid merchand ise in the shape of this unique dart board. Have a butchers at the board and spread the word. See dart board here.


Paddy talks about Cole and Reyes and that penalty

Forever Real Geri-atico's bound Patrick Vieira has urged Ashley "The best left back in the world™" Cole and José Reyes to stick with The Arsenal. With all the media second guessing just what young Ash will do once the Cole-gate tapping up affair is sorted and young Reyes supposedly Real Madrid bound - Le Boss has said The Arsenal need to keep the current team together in order to remain a force next season.

Paddy has also revealed he has exorcised some demons regarding his match winning penalty. "I didn't have any question about taking the penalty, the boss just said I was taking the fifth one and it was no problem, I like to be under this sort of pressure. It was a big disappointment when I missed that penalty in the Uefa Cup final but that's the way with shoot-outs. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and this time the luck was on our side."


FA Cup mystery man revealed

The mystery man who got hold of the second oldest FA Cup via the Christie's auction was none other than porn baron and blue nose David Gold. It was first thought that shady Russian trillionaire Roman Abromovich was the buyer of the FA Cup, to go with his purchases of the Premiership title and the Mickey Mouse Cup. However we know now it is the midland giants of Birmingham City who have the trophy.

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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

The Arsenal have been linked with Alexand er Hleb and Marcus Rosenberg in the media... The Arsenal vice-chairman Double D (David Deino) has stressed that The Gunners will be strengthening the squad over the summer rather than selling players... that's it, Keep it locked, more news at 11.