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Bring on the bully boys...

...But who is going to get the nod in defence? With Sol Campbell making his comeback against northern scallies Everton and looking in good shape in the game against the midland giants Birmingham, Saint Wenger will have a selection dilemma. Swiss Alp Philippe Senderos who has been in commanding form and earned back to back 'Player of the Month' awards isn't taking anything for granted. The young man said "I believe every footballer's dream is to play in a FA Cup Final, it's what you play football for, every player would like to play in these sort of games and I'm the same, but it will not be the biggest disappointment in my life if I don't play because I will do everything this week to be in the team.

"The team is the most important. If we win a trophy we all win the trophy, not just the 11 players on the pitch."

What we do know is that King Henry wont be featuring in the game unless he makes a miraculous recovering and how we would love that, just seeing the look on Alex 'Ol' 80% Proof Nose' Ferguson's face would be worth the ticket money alone. However it seems José Antonio Reyes will get the nod and play up front with either Lord van Persie or the Dutch master, DB10. We could speculate more on this until the team sheet is revealed, however we'll stop with the second guessing and just let you know that the only definite none starters are TH14 and Gael Clichy.


Flying Dutchman up for the cup

Dennis Bergkamp in what the media are trying to label his possible 'last game in an Arsenal shirt' is definitely up for the final. Even though the great Dutchman hasn't been rewarded with a new contract as yet, you can bet if he puts in a performance of Everton proportions he could probably stall for a two year contract. The great man said in this gleaned interview about the cup and King Henry's absence “It’s a big blow but it’s not a surprise for us, we’ve played a few games without him now and we know we can do well. It’s going to be difficult and different but we have to do without him. We’ve still got a lot of talent in the team to sort it out.

“But the FA Cup Final is special anyway. You never really expect the goal scorers to score goals, other players step up and make a difference.”


The Wenger Boys - Suits you sir

As traditional as strawberries at Wimbledon or a Alex 'Ol' 80% Proof Nose' Ferguson mind game rant before the end of the season, the FA Cup final suit has been revealed. Nothing could possibly be as shocking as the northern monkey Liddypool white suit from the 1996 cup final, could it? Spice Boys anyone? Well that would be extremely doubtful as that suit proudly sits in Room 101.

Well as you would of guessed, The Arsenal FA Cup final suit looks the dogs and how could it look any less, what with the international stylish craftsmen at the club. Have a look at the Wenger Boys all suited and booted - here.


Exclusive shot inside the Manure health spa

allgoonerdup - wayne rooney picOur roving reporter has been to the Manchester Red Sox Buccaneers training complex and has reported back with this exclusive shot of Wayne Rooney. Now 'allegedly' the only people to see him like this are geriatric old slappers running 'massage parlour's' on Liddypool council estates, we hope you've already eaten.

Our investigative reporter also claims that Argentinean Gabriel Heinze looks unlikely to figure in the final, however shop steward and all round national hate figure and muppet Gary Neville could be fit in time.

Also news on Ryan Giggs playing in his fancy tights are also thought to be quite true.


Wear red, if you didn't know

We are sure you know this already. We have just been too lazy to include this bit of news that The Arsenal will be wearing their red 'home' strip in the FA Cup final, which is nice, not sure if anyone could cope with that blue number. Manchester Red Sox Buccaneers will wear their change strip of the 'stars and stripes' and walk onto the pitch to the tune of 'The star spangled banner'. You can view the northern monkeys new strip here.

You've heard all about the Mancs going mental because one of the creatures out of Lord of the Rings is buying them up, so have a laugh and play the game the Malcolm Glazer game here.


FA Cup bought by mystery man

allgoonerdup - buying the FA CupA mystery bidder has bought the second oldest FA Cup which was last awarded in 1909. The mystery bidder is thought to be known other than the shady Russian trillionaire and Czar of The Bank of Chelsea, Roman Abromovich.

With a price tag of £478,400 after a "frenzied" bidding war at Christie’s, the cup became the most expensive sporting memorabilia item ever sold in this country.

Fresh from buying the title for The Bank of Chelsea it is thought the Russian bought the cup to make up for their fourth round exit and so have the full set of domestic trophies. it is thought his pursuit of the FA Vase and the LDV Vans trophy are wide of the mark though. It hasn't actually been revealed who the mystery purchaser was, however this is our artist impression if the mystery bidder was the Chelsea Czar.

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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

Camp Freddie during his injury hell was tested for cancer as well as AIDS, however it was his tattoos which apparently got infected. You can't make this stuff up... is sticking with it's blanket ban on any 'cole-gate' enquiry news, until the 'official' verdict is revealed... The Arsenal target Andrea Caracciolo could be set to leave Brescia at the end of the Italian campaign if the club are relegated. The Brescia hitman has hit the back of the net 11 times for the basement club this season... that's it, Keep it locked, more news at 11.