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So, what the Hleb is going on?

As you Gooner's may well know the Arsenal are tracking Stuttgart FC's wonder winger Alexand er Hleb. Depending on which 'news'paper or website you subscribe to, Hleb will be in London tomorrow (Friday 10th June) for a medical, signing a five year contract or he will be tucked up somewhere in Germany contemplating his next move as Stuttgart FC look for a new manager. Their last manager Matthias Sammer left after the Germans didn't manage to qualify for Europe, but hey that didn't do Liddypool no harm did it?

Hleb's Agent Uli Feber looks to be adding some more filthy lucre onto his star client price tag as he has confirmed Hleb would be keen on a move to North London, just as the lottery winning chavs of Sarf West London are 'supposedly' keen to acquire the tricky winger.

Not much is known, well not on these shores anyway, of the Belarus player other than the fact he can hit a dead ball a la Bergkamp-esque and he is a bit hand y when it comes to 'assists', getting 11 in 34 games last season. He is a right sided player, meaning he will be a bit of competition for Camp Freddie who was recently quoted as saying he wanted The Arsenal to make some signings during the summer sales and show ambition - bet he didn't see that one coming.

Well we have to wait and see if the 24 year old winger wings (sorry!) his way to Highbury however there's no point in writing too much on this story, because it might not happen. Watch this space


Bit about young Ashley declared a couple of days ago that we wasn't going to report anything to do with the Ashley Cole rumpus as it will run and run and (yawn) run. However, Chairman Sir Peter Hill-Wood and Arsenal Leg-end Liam 'Chippy' Brady have both said they believe the Chelski, Real Geri-atico's, Barca, Juve, Inter (delete where applicable) target will be seen in the red and white of The Arsenal next season, although it will be the fruity blackcurrant number.


The Arsenal in 'English player signing' shock

It's true, The Arsenal have signed or more to the point will sign an Englishman. Jack Hobbs who ply's his trade at Lincoln will apparently sign for The Arsenal in two weeks. The 16 year old is supposedly in the Martin Keown mould (oh dear, someone better have a word with Mark Viduka) and appeared for the club's first team at the the tail end of the season.

The youngster's agent said "I am not willing to name the club who has made the offer, but I would say it is certainly agreeable to everyone concerned, I don't expect anything to happen immediately, but I'm expecting more news in the next two weeks..." |

Allegedly the American conglomerate Manchester Buccaneer's were in for a shout but the switch to The Arsenal was young Jack's 'dream move', which is nice.


Grimsby sign John Lukic

No don't faint, you read it right first time. John Lukic has indeed signed for the northern monkey's. However it isn't the former Arsenal custodian, who must be around 67 years old. John Jnr who is also a keeper and a ripe 19 years of age will be their number two after signing on from Nottingham Forest. awards coming soon...

As it's officially the cricket season, unless you are holding onto the football season for dear life by watching the Women's European Championships(!). is here to make the non-football season or summer as some people call it a bit more painless and more fun by having the Awards. So watch this space as the awards will be on the website in two weeks.

You can email the site too, if you have an idea for the awards or a particular award.
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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

Barca President Joan Laporta has come out with the old chestnut that they are not after The Arsenal forward and all round nice guy Terrence Henry. So be prepared for a bid for the Leg-end over the summer... Greek 'star' Giorgos Samaras (yep, never heard of him either) reportedly signed for The Arsenal this week, well that was until his daddy put the record straight and said in fact the young scamp hasn't signed for anyone and was just being a very naughty boy. He added the youngster will remain at Dutch club Heeveereeen FC after adding some more dosh onto the boys price tag after given him some 'publicity'. Oh did we add that daddy was his agent as well, great work if you can get it... Has anyone seen or knows what's going on with David Bentley for next season?...  Shay Given has been urged to stay at northern naughty boys Newcastle United and to resist the lure of an 'alleged' Arsenal bid by ex Toon player Liam O'Brien and to help the Newkie Brown swilling, fun loving Geordie boys win silverware next season, er yeah right... Parma keeper Sebastien Frey is being linked to a summer switch to The Arsenal if Parma aren't successful in their Seria A relegation play-off this weekend. But then again he is EVERY summer, so nothing new there then...that's it, Keep it locked, more news at 11.