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Midfielder to sign up... er no it's not that Bap geezer either

Lengthy headline which kills two stories in one fell swoop. Camp Freddie's new contract is nearly done and dusted with Saint Wenger stating "It's 99% there. I'm very pleased because we lost Patrick and we could not afford to lose many players. Stability is important."

News just in regarding Julio Baptista's on/off move shenanigans on joining The Arsenal. Well it's officially off as The Pain in the Ass formerly known as The Beast has confirmed "It's very important for me for me to become Spanish.
"I'm very happy that teams of that calibre are interested in me. But I've got until next year to think about it."

So that's that then.


New item found in the Liverpool club shop

Always on the look out for what the other Premiership teams have in their club shop to relieve fans of all their hard earned cash (ok nicked if you're from Manchester United Red Sox or the Liverpool area) our roving Upnorth reporter found this interesting board game. However what we couldn't confirm was whether fans had paid for this or simply nicked it, being that it's Liverpool are money is on the latter. Check it out here.


Paddy replacement

Sign me up, click on the link to see the likely lads, who have been linked to replace the long legged Juventus playing midfield man.


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Competition ends 8 August, so get your skates on!

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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

The two trialists Alexander 'It's all gone a bit Rigobert' Song and Philippe Christanval will know by the end of play today what Saint Wenger intends to do, either tell them au reviour or bon jour et bienvenue.... and that's ALL the news today, bit like a midget covered in sugar - short and sweet.... Keep it locked, more news at 11.

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