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Sol is out of it (again!)

After being injured for much of last season, then fighting for his starting line-up place, then throwing a moody for missing the FA Cup final, yep you've guessed it The Rock is injured once more. The Rock seems to be more injured than former player that there jugged eared Franny Jeffers.

Sol is so injured Saint Wenger has confirmed that he will miss the beginning of the season, meaning the boy from the land of Toblerone, Philippe Senderos will start in his absence and will probably stake a claim to make the position his own, which is nice.


Now it's Kenyon's turn to have a pop

What seems to be a bit of a tag team effort between José Money and The Bank of Chelsea's head honcho Peter Kenyon in having a go at all and sundry related to football. It is now the bald plated and former employee of American conglomerate soccer team Manchester Red Sox to have a turn.

Peter Kenyon, who must of taught Alex '65% proof nose' Ferguson a thing or two about 'public speaking' is having a go at not just The Arsenal but against his former paymasters as well. The Bank of Chelsea who let's not make a meal about it moaned and bought their way to the title last season and quite rightly the Arsenal and Manchester Red sox had a thing or two to say on the subject.

Now however Peter 'cheque book' Kenyon has this to say "It is born out of hypocrisy and fundamental insecurity. There have been two kids on the block for 12 years. Now there is suddenly a third kid and that one is threatening to be more successful than the other two and they don´t like it." Kenyon also went on about The Bank of Chelsea's championship history, however we had to stop him because we were p!ssing our pants so much.



 Today's news is that Julio Baptista on/off move from Seville FC is:

 Who this Baptista then?

 Can't give a monkeys about this move now


Right said Fred - "I'll sign up"

Camp Freddie, who for some reason was linked to Greek side Olympiakos in recent weeks is close to agreeing a new four year contract according to sources at the club, ok so we read it on the Sly Sports web site. Saint Wenger is eager to tie Camp Freddie down (oo-er missus) as the Frederick one could do a 'Bosman' next summer as he only has a year left on his current contract.


Gunners hit five

The Arsenal's pre-season workout continued in good shape as they scored five goals again, this time the team to get spanked on the Austrian tour was Ritzing Crackers. The boys on the score sheet were Dennis Bergkamp, King Henry, José Antonio Reyes, Alexand re Helb and Sebastian Larsson. The game ended 5-2 with the Ritzing Crackers scorers Roman Pajer and Alfred Schiffer no doubt boring their mates down the post office sorting room today with their stories of how they scored against the magnificent Arsenal.

Once again run outs were given to trialists 'it's all gone a bit Rigobert' Alexand er Song and Philippe Christanval however, unfortunately Pascal Cygan still seems intent on staying as he got 45 minutes to show 'what he can do'.


Paddy replacement

Sign me up, click on the link to see the likely lads, who have been linked to replace the long legged Juventus playing midfield man.


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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

Lyon are reportedly in for Oliver Dacourt who it is believed The Arsenal are watching as a possible replacement for former captain, Patrick Vieira... Saint Wenger wants a decision on the police charges hanging over Lord van Persie to be dealt with as sorted as soon as possible. "It is important that this situation does not drag on too long," said Wenger... and that's about it, Keep it locked, more news at 11.

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