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La taxi for Vieira

Vieira heads off to Juve in a deal worth £13.7m in what has been a bit of a surprise amongst the Highbury faithful. Normally every summer was all about Vieira set to leave, him packing his backs and even one year clearing out his locker. Well now the big man has gone, we'll need to find some other summer 'sport'. Juve could of at least been a bit 'game' and continue with the transfer speculation for a couple of weeks, at least Real madrid did that.

So The Old Lady has got hold of one of the greatest players in Arsenal history, but we all would like to thank Captain Paddy for his nine years of service.


Allgoonerdup Awards finally comes on Monday!

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Vieira speaks up

Captain Paddy spoke exclusively via this gleaned report to put any speculation relating to his departure to bed. The big Frenchman said whilst sipping some rosy lee "When you spend nine years at the Club, like I did, it is a difficult decision to leave. But in the end you have to make a choice for your future. It was a very difficult decision, but I am happy with it.
"I made the decision to leave because I felt it was time for me to have a new challenge. But that does not mean I was unhappy or that I was having a problem at Arsenal.
"It was just that I had the feeling I needed to grow and meet a new challenge, and I feel Juventus was the best challenge for me.

You can get the full low down on that interview on the official site where there is a bit of a 'Vieira love-in' where you can also see the long legged one's career in pictures, oh happy days! Paddy's career in pictures.

With the talisman departing for new shores Saint Wenger said in emphatic fashion "I share the sadness with our supporters that Patrick has left us, but on the other hand I would say to them trust us and support us. We’ll be strong next season and we need you behind us like you have always been. We will not disappoint you..."


Vieira out, JJ in?

Oh you just cant get away from this story. With Captain Paddy now donning the colours of The Old Lady, the question switches to just who will Saint Wenger target to replace The Arsenal talisman. Well the answer to that if you believe the papers is none of other than Geordie boy Jermaine Jenas.

However Newcastle United boss and former Liverpool hatchet man Graeme Souness has told the Gunners he wants £12m for the midfield man, oh and Sol Campbell - the cheeky beggar. Now there are reports stating 'allegedly' that Sol Campbell isn't happy at Highbury and is seeking a move away, well we gleaned that story from Myles, so probably not much truth in that one.

It remains to be seen just who the real targets are but be sure to hear everyone from Zinedine Zidane to your gran being linked. Interestingly or is it just coincidence Jenas does not feature in the Geordie boys Inter two-bob game against Dubnica in Slovakia on Sunday.


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So who should be the new captain

There's a question for you, let's see your ideas of who should take the armband and lead the troops out next season - even get the chance to win a t-shirt.
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Seville ready to release The Beast

After the summer sale of former Captain and Arsenal leg-end Patrick Vieira (him again?) Seville are understood to be waiting for The Arsenal to grease their palms with another offer for Julio Baptista.

Sevilla president Jose Maria Boutrus Boutrus Del Nido has said the Spanish outfit are looking to offload the Brazilian hitman for the highest possible figure they can get. "Julio Baptista will not continue in Sevilla this year, If we receive a figure between €20 million and €25 million (£17 million in proper cash) we can sell Julio Baptista. If we do not do it now we will lose money since the compensation from the Fifa tribunal will be lower." The Spaniard said with £ signs in his bulging eyes.


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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

Only stuff to do with THE top story of Patrick Vieira's sale, Bobby Pires says its a great loss, Edu has said Paddy will be hard to replace, Nigel Winterburn has called Saint Wenger crazy... and there you have it.. and that's it, Keep it locked, more news at 11.

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