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José Money spits his dummy out

allgoonerdup: arsenal images: jose mourhino spitting out his dummyThe Bank of Chelsea's quiet, shy and retiring dictator has chosen to get his ore in quickly, so quickly in fact we're still a month away from the football season to kick in. This time 'The Special Case' has vented his anger at Double D (David Dein) The Arsenal supremo who also doubles up as sitting on the Manure sponsored FA panel.

The wedged up one is quoted as saying "A person who works in the club should not work in the FA. The FA is the FA and the club is the club."

José Money is also angry at FA and The Arsenal for the fixture list after European games which he feels is tipped in the favour of The Arsenal. Basically Mr Money is mad at everyone apart from his Bank of Chelsea team and believes there's a conspiracy afoot to derail his march towards some sort of history for the twice crowned champions.

The Money'd up one went further and wouldn't give the mic's back to the group of journalist who by this time were snatching back equipment as 'The Special Case' grabbed on in his hour(s) in the limelight, Money also accused The Arsenal of tapping up players and added "Some are treated as devils and some are treated as angels". With breath still in his lungs and some cameras with still enough power to run he continued "I understand everything. I'm not the most intelligent person" then all mic's and cameras stopped.. which is nice.

Be sure to read the next instalment on this when the FA probably charge the Money one on this. In some quarters it's been reported Alex 'Ol' 65% Proof Nose' Ferguson is also angry and purpled face and has accused the Money One for taking his title of speaking most shite.


Bring your boots

With all bar Gilberto, Cesc and Flamini leaving The Arsenal midfield, there's going to be plenty of vacancies if web site/paper talk is to be believed. Captain Paddy Arsenal career is in limbo with a proposed cash + player(s) deal to Juve, or Real Madrid or even Barca.

Bobby Pires the midfield maestro is 'believed' to be wanted by Gala in Turkey and a deal is close to be signed. But just as that was being reported the Armani suited big boys of Juve are also in the frame to land the mercurial Frenchman, that's according to 'agents' - so that must be true then.

The Arsenal will have a new look midfield next season with the addition of Alexander Hleb in the team and the offloading of Edu to Valencia, however talk of Saint Wenger turning Pascal Cygan into a 'midfield general' in order to replace Captain Paddy have been labeled wide of the mark, and then some.


Try this at home or work

Here's a little trick you can do, all you need is a computer - check and check. Now all you do is add this: spurs arnt crap. Now watch what comes up, you can have hours of fun, it's a laugh.


Saint Wenger - two more signings to come

Exactly what it says on the tin, Saint Wenger has said (again) that The Arsenal will make two more signings. With transfer activity on the whole being stagnant unless you're Liverpool who seem to be buying any Spanish player in La Liga, that is good news.

Wenger who recently said he was waiting for The Bank of Chelsea to make their move on Man Citeh player SWWWP is probably working on a very secret deal. In Fact the comments regarding The Bank of Chelsea and SWWWP seem to be a smoke screen as much as anything else. Watch this space for any 'exclusive' signings. To see who The Arsenal have signed check the transfers.


Are you Arsenal in disguise?

Have you seen this somewhere before?


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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

Just about everybody and their dogg is after Bobby Pires but you know that... Zidane wants PV4 at Real Madrid, David Trez wants him at Juve, is that really news worthy, well it made this column.. well that's it, Keep it locked, more news at 11.

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