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who: Real Madrid
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1 Chelski 26 66 36
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Captain Terry says 'Chill out
and trust the boss'

With the timing of a Swiss watchmaker the man that would be King, Thierry Henry has told us exclusively from this gleaned report from the Currant Bun that 'Arsené Knows'. King Henry has backed Saint Wenger to get it all right this season. Terry has this to say "I am sure Arsene has a few things up his sleeve, there is no doubt that he will sign some more players that few people have heard of, but they will go on to become great players. Of course, it is a blow to lose Patrick, you cannot hide from that, but as we saw last season, alongside Patrick there are lots of able youngsters. They showed a lot of quality and are getting better..."

He went on whilst sipping an espresso "More importantly, you have to trust Arsene Wenger. How can you not trust a man who has won four FA Cups and three league titles? He has proved he has a fantastic eye for a player. No-one had heard of Patrick Vieira when he signed".

Is there any need to panic? Nah, think not, you know why? The King said so.


José Antonio Reyes also in Wenger 'love-in'

With the weight of Captain King Henry's statement to 'trust the boss' young gun José Antonio Reyes, yes him of the lightening silky skills and fine radio manner has added his opinion on Saint Wenger by backing the manager in selling midfield general Patrick Vieira.

The young Spaniard said ""I will say one thing, before he was with Wenger, Vieira was not the player that everyone has seen here for the last few years and the it was the same with Henry.

"Both blossomed under this manager (Wenger) and I have no doubt he will do the same with other youngsters who come here.

"The boss knows what he is doing and knows how to get the most out of young players.

"Here we have footballers with great futures ahead of them who are already performing at a high level like Cesc and Senderos, I think that they will ensure that Arsenal continue to be amongst the big teams."
On Wenger he continued: "He is truly an incredible person.

There's a whole lot more but we had to stop there as Sly Sports lawyers might do us, so you can read the full interview here, enjoy.


But Saint Wenger is frustrated

With all the shenanigans involved regarding signing Julio Baptista, Saint Wenger has revealed he is frustrated with the situation. Wenger also says that big Sol Campbell is not for sale... is that news, er probably not.



 Today's news is that Julio Baptista on/off move from Seville FC is:


 That's from Saint Wenger himself, who reckons August now, who knows?



New item found in the Liverpool club shop

Always on the look out for what the other Premiership teams have in their club shop to relieve fans of all their hard earned cash (ok nicked if you're from Manchester United Red Sox or the Liverpool area) our roving Upnorth reporter found this interesting board game. However what we couldn't confirm was whether fans had paid for this or simply nicked it, being that it's Liverpool are money is on the latter. Check it out here.


Paddy replacement

Sign me up, click on the link to see the likely lads, who have been linked to replace the long legged Juventus playing midfield man.


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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

According to the agent (who else) of goal keeper Silio Proto The Arsenal failed in a bid to sign the 22 year old who went on to sign for La Louviere... David Trezeguet the French hitman revealed he was surprised that PV4 signed for Juventus.. aren't we all?... anyway that's about it, Keep it locked, more news at 11.

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