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On tonight's show..

José Moan-rinho at it again

Fresh after The Chelsea big wig (& boy couldn't that bald coot do with one) Peter 'Blankerty Blank cheque book & pen' Kenyon spouting off that this season's champions 'will come from a small group of one' José Money is fighting for column inches.

'The special case' is smugly having a pop at Saint Wenger after the Arsenal boss said The Bank of Chelsea pay over the odds for players, especially as the richest bunch of chavs shelled out £21m on SWP. However with dynamic precision and the cunningness of a fox José Money quipped "We could buy cheaper if we wanted to but we want English players not foreign ones. If we are to have a core of English players, we have to buy at least one English player every season and that's not easy - it's expensive. The Special droned on *"Unlike some teams, we don't want to put out a side made up entirely of foreign players. We want the most expensive foreigners Russian filthy lucre can buy, so the title is bought again muhahahaha......"

*Some of this statement might be fabricated, some might not - who knows?


King Henry committed

No don't go running around thinking the man who would be King, young Terrence is doing a Jack Nicholson in 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'. He's not of course donning that famous 'white coat' but instead has insisted he wants to stay at The Arsenal for as long as the rightful champions want him. The king added in this gleaned report "I'm really happy here, things are going well for me and I've just been named skipper. Like I've said so many times - as long as they want me, I'll stay here. I've seen so many things written in the past two days and, all the time, people question my desire and commitment for the club."

So that's that then, not sure if any of you read it, but The Daily Express 'news'paper, the same paper no self respecting tramp would wipe their derriere with, had an 'exclusive' written by none other than the infamous Harry Harris. Anyway the columnist who definitely talks out of his 'arris wrote a piece revealing young Terrence could leave The Arsenal in 600 & odd days, go to hotter climes for more filthy lucre & that all Gooners should be worried - spooky stuff.


Attack, Attack Attack...

Simply put, Saint Wenger has revealed The Arsenal wont compromise their attacking football now that former lynchpin &  midfield enforcer PV4 has gone, that's it - can't be bothered to to copy it.


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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

Your numbers up.. the new squad numbers have been announced. New real shakes on this one, but don't just listen to us - have a butchers here.... 'Possible' Arsenal target Jermaine Genius has been quoted by the papers/sites as not being too happy Upnorth. However the young man hasn't actually said anything himself.. spooky stuff... it's nearly 18.00 & this here 'new signing on Friday' still hasn't been done, so watch this space.... Oh Sol 'The Rock' Campbell is injured again & will miss the start of the season. The big fella is likely to miss up to a month of the new campaign, although we did 'exclusively' reveal that some time ago. OK so we copied the story - still delivered though.. and that's ALL the news today, bit like a midget covered in sugar - short and sweet.... au reviour mon amis... Keep it locked, more news at 11

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