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1 Chelski 26 66 36
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On today's show..

Sunday Showdown

Ahead of the big game on Sunday against mercenary chavs better known as The Bank of Chelsea, José Reyes has got in on the act of talking up a game. The young Spaniard has claimed The Bank of Chelsea of something we all know and has labeled them boring. The young buck said in this exclusively gleaned interview courtesy of the red tab The Current Bun, "Chelsea were excellent last season, but I still think the Arsenal team which won the title the season before was better. We were more offensive and played much more spectacular football."

The Arsenal record signing continued his battle of wits by adding "We have a lot of belief and I'm confident this is a perfect moment for us to beat them. It's interesting to see a player like Carvalho criticising the manager. Clearly everything is not happy inside the Chelsea dressing room, which is a good sign for everybody else. The rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea is getting bigger and bigger," he mused.

Also getting in on the act ahead of the Sunday Showdown is 'Big Phil' Senderos, who found out just how the media operate in this country. One minute you are an Armani suit on the fashion runways and the next you are in the discount aisle in Matalan. The Swiss Alp was labeled a flop for his performance in the Community Shield after the same media heralded him the best thing since slice bread in the second half of last season.

The Swiss defender came out roaring "It's going to be a big game on Sunday but we will try to do our job and be concentrated. I will try to do my job out there and with the help of the other players, I can be at my best. that Alan 'Elbows' Shearer and that greasy haired Drogba are both very good players but defending is always a question of team work.


Sol staying - it's official

The Arsenal have thought it necessary to make it clear that the injury prone defender hasn't put in a transfer request despite the media frenzy going on because injury prone trailist Philippe Christanval claiming the big man wants to leave. So that's that then. The Arsenal have labeled the comments as 'mischievous' the naughty little boy.


Simply the best

Who's the best Arsenal signing ever? Dennis Bergkamp. Thierry Henry, Ian Wright, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira (who him again?) or Jimmy Carter even? Well it's none of these according to David 'Double D' Deino The Arsenal top boy has hailed Saint Wenger as the best signing the club has ever made.

With the Sunday Showdown against The Bank of Chelsea marking Saint Wenger's 500th game in charge Double D has got all mushy by saying "To manage that number of games at this level is an outstand ing achievement. There's no doubt he's the best signing we've ever made. He's an extraordinarily committed professional and the future of the club is in safe hand s. He is developing a new team and they are all part of the long-term future at the club.'' Which is nice.


It's up for grabs now

Are you having a really stressful time at work today, need to raise a smile or do you just want to kill some time? Well we have the perfect tonic for you which will put a smile on your face quicker than Kelly Brook in a thong.

Tell your Liverpool mates if you have the misfortune to know one of those hub cap nicking scallies. Click on I want a smile on my face. Sit back and enjoy - again and again and again, it would be rude not to.


That t-shirt comp &  the winner is....

Drum roll please... Tim from Guildford. Tim's winner was this My wife works for a 'current Dutch international footballer' based in Surrey also an ex Sperz goalie) and think it would be cool if she wore it to work (she's their cleaner) as I'm sure he and his missus would appreciate some Dutch humour on Holland 's finest. Tim you're a winner, we like your style - good work Gooner.

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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

Jeepers Keepers, Bayer Leverkusen have confirmed that Arsenal are hot on the trail of their 20-year-old goalkeeper Rene Adler, who at the moment is playing second fiddle to Hans-Jorg Butt and isn't liking it. The 'alleged' Arsenal target warned his paymasters "Bayer will remain my first port of contact and I know that a young keeper has to be patient, but the club should have a clear philosophy or players will turn their attention elsewhere," .... au reviour mon amis... that's your lot for today... Keep it locked, more news at 11 maybe...

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