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Will it be a Bridge too far?

OK, someone had to use that as a headline ahead of the 'top of the table' clash between the champions and ONE TIME first division champions - Chelsea. Ahead of the match The Arsenal have injury worries with major players Thierry 'The King' Henry and Camp Freddie unlikely to feature in this (another) 'must win' game. The other big story will be whether Saint Wenger chooses to install Sol 'The Rock' Campbell back in defence or whether Philippe 'the new Tony Adams' Senderos will keep his place. The young Swiss international has done enough to keep his place and is still to be on losing side etc, etc. In fact with Senderos in defence The Arsenal have not conceded a goal in the last eight games he has played in, something you can't really say when Cygan is around.

Also ahead of this match Saint Wenger has said “You have to respect what they have done on the pitch after 32 games there is no coincidence. There is a gap. This year they are 11 points better than us. But, there are two things — it is not over and we have a chance to close the gap on Wednesday night. Then, after that, there are still five games to go.”

Strangely José Money has not said a great deal about the game and hasn't been hyping his Chelsea team up. Also on that note Manure dictator and despot Alex 'Ol' 80% Proof Nose' Ferguson (hic) has been keeping his mush firmly shut and hasn't even been bothered to start any mind games ahead of this clash - now there's a first.


'The Peoples Elbow' ol' fella says his son is innocent

Part-time WWE wrestler and no stranger to a bit of 'Ave some of that!' and y 'The Peoples Elbow' Todd is innocent of his assault on The Arsenal's Lord van Persie, so says his dad. Colin Todd says his son wasn't guilty of his trademark finishing move during the FA Cup semi final. The Bradford manager also claimed that his son wasn't a dirty player and is honest as the day is long. He also said that sort of behaviour was completely out of character for the once suspended for clocking a fellow team mate player. For a footballer with a rap sheet longer than Snoop Dogg his dad has given more than the benefit of the doubt. Colin even continued that the thug loving player even attended church, twice on Sunday and does a lot for charity.


'Ralph' wants to be party pooper

Ralph 'prize fighter' Lauren wants (like everybody in football) to stopthe lottery winning chavs of Sarf West Londoncharge towards their second ever league title in their illustrious history. The Arsenal right back has said "We want to make Chelsea suffer as they chase the title they will be really annoyed if we beat them.

"It seems like they are already preparing to celebrate. We want to stop the party.

"Our objective is three points, though I am sure the Chelsea players will be up for it. The derby against Chelsea is never a simple match.


DB10 and Pires news - more of this to come no doubt.

With DB10 not yet being offered a new annual one year contract the media is in a frenzy stating that the former Ajax schemer is wanted at the club if he doesn't sign up for another year at The Champions. The master Dutchman has always maintained that he would retire once his illustrious Arsenal career is over.

Also Super Bob who is at the club until at least 2006 is being chased by a host of clubs with Uefa Champions League outfit and Sylvain Wiltord starring Lyon now throwing their hat into the ring. As they are a French club expect more of this story to run and run and er... run.


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round-up in 60 seconds or less..

Chelsea £28m player with 10 goals to his name Didier 'Perm boy' Drogba reckons he's getting as good as 25 goal, top scorer in the last three years, Championship winning (not buying) twice former footballer of the year goal King Thierry Henry.....Half man Half horse, sugar lump chomping and general diving, cheating scum Ruud van Cheatingcoont says he believes the 2005 FA Cup Final will be trouble free, I wouldn't bet your horse shoes fella..... Keep it locked, more news at 11.